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After news broke last week that Bryan Cranston's Tony-winning play about Lyndon B. Johnson, "All the Way," was on its way to TV via a Steven Spielberg miniseries, the actor has clarified those plans, while also dropping some details about his upcoming memoir.

Vulture chatted with Cranston Monday night, and asked for an update on "All the Way"'s progress. While the Spielberg connection was accurate, though some other details are still being worked out.

"I don't know if it's a miniseries as much as an HBO movie," he told Vulture. "They want to see and honor the story, and so if it needs to be maybe four hours then it might be a two-hour and two-hour kind of thing."

The actor also mentioned that early reports that "All the Way" author Robert Schenkkan's second play about LBJ, "The Great Society," would be included in the television adaptation were inaccurate. Progress on the project is moving swiftly, according to Cranston, with Schnekkan already hard at work on the screenplay.

In addition to those comments, Vulture inquired about the status of Cranston's memoir, which the actor said would be heavily inspired by his Emmy-winning stint on "Breaking Bad." One such bit of inspiration is in the book's very title, referencing an iconic bit of Walter White dialogue.

"Tentatively, it's 'Say My Name,'" Cranston said, adding that that may change. Our fingers are crossed that it doesn't. If only literary awards counted toward the EGOT...

[via: Vulture]

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