"The Bachelorette" is back, and this week Andi Dorfman and her many men headed to Marseille, France. But not everyone had a French connection, if ya know what I mean...

Here are the highlights of week 5:

-Chris Harrison and his snazzy knit turtleneck asked Andi if she was falling in love and she got smiley and was all, "Stop. Don't ask me that!"

-Josh, who always seems like a frontrunner, finally got the one-on-one and they walked around town, went out on a boat, and sat by some pretty Mediterranean rocks. At night they preceded to a palace and romance ensued. At first not so much, since Andi couldn't quite get past their physical connection (she wanted an emotional one, too!), but then he finally opened up and all was well.

-The group date involved miming school and then a public performance in town -- basically another way to embarrass these guys further. "Salty" Nick had an attitude and didn't join in the miming games. Marquel and JJ gave it their all and mimed their hearts out.

-Later, Nick revealed he thought he was the "frontrunner" and the other contestants confronted him about being smug. Cody is especially annoyed, because he feels he's been mocked, so they got into it. Nick and Andi talked about the situation, but he read her a poem, which kinda made up for it all? Hmm.

-JJ told Marquel that Andrew had made a racist remark about him which upset Marquel. When he confronted Andrew later, Andrew denied saying it.

-Brian had the next one-on-one, which involved watching a movie about cooking and then ... actually cooking! While preparing frogs legs, Brian got totally standoffish and weird and boy, he clearly does not care about making food. Awkward. He didn't make a move (again!) and regretted it (again!) but then they went out for beers and talked and kissed and he got his precious rose.

Andi cut right to the chase and skipped the cocktail party because she knew what she had to do. So, who's on top this week? And who did she cut?

Who's out?: Despite stepping it up on the group date, Marquel didn't get a rose. Andrew, who wasn't exactly a favorite, didn't make it either. We also said goodbye to Patrick.

Who's up?: Josh's one-on-one helped him get closer to Andi on another level.

Who's down? Cody still hasn't had any alone time. He's not exactly down, he's just kinda skating by. Brian's food date ultimately worked out fine, but he could have made that time even more special if he hadn't closed himself off. Dylan didn't get much screen time this week.

Don't count him out: Marcus. He wears his heart on his sleeve and it works.

MVP: JJ whisked Andi off to a ferris wheel at one point and reminded her of his fun side. He's made sure to make himself stand out and was awarded the group date rose.

You're hot, then you're cold: Nick. What gives, Nick? Sometimes you're sweet and vulnerable, other times you seem a little arrogant. We'll have to wait and see what side we get next week...

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