Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon roller coaster ride

Kevin Hart really, really hates roller coasters, so of course Jimmy Fallon shamed him into riding one in the name of "manning up" while he's out promoting "Think Like a Man Too." Fallon nearly ate a bug, but it's poor Hart we feel for as he was sweating beforehand, cursing and screaming throughout and literally crying at having to relive the ride. There, there, Kevin. It's all over!

Still, the ordeal was nowhere near as bad as Hart's worst summer job, since, he says, he almost died on his second day of being a lifeguard.

Over on "Late Show With David Letterman," the nearly retired host perked up as Olivia Wilde discussed her nude running-down-the-stairs scene in "Third Person." When she pretended to reenact it, he smiled almost as widely as he did when Drew Barrymore flashed him all those years ago.

Robert Pattinson stopped by "Late Night With Seth Meyers" to plug his new movie "The Rover," where he discussed his early hooker-and-magician-filled days in Hollywood and his rap alter ego, Big Tub.

Chelsea Handler, who's unclear on the concept of reality TV, quizzed the cast of "Little Women: LA" about why they're always fighting. She says she gets along with all her female friends, most of the time. "They wouldn't be my friends if they wouldn't listen to what I f***ing said," she explained.

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