"True Blood" fans are really working themselves (fine, ourselves) into a lather in anticipation of Sunday night's season premiere, especially since it heralds the last season of this delightfully batty bloodfest.

Last night the "True Blood" stars turned out in style for a red carpet premiere of the first episode, the likes of which rivaled any summer blockbuster spectacle. The Tweets and Instagram pics have been pouring in, as well as tons of red carpet coverage. One of the weirder tidbits that came in from the front lines was that composer Nathan Barr pitched a "True Blood" musical to HBO and mastermind Alan Ball. Apparently, even Stephen Moyer joined in the fun; according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Brit "helped Barr put together some samples of the 'True Blood' musical presented to HBO and Ball." Of course, condensing an entire series of books and/or seven seasons of a TV show that wanders into seriously weird territory will prove challenging, if it ever comes to that. Never say never, but right now it sounds like a pipe dream.

For those of us stuck at home, there was a retrospective of the show over the weekend, as well as True To The End, a website (and hashtag) for everyone who's been rewatching the series and reminiscing about all the good times to be had with the supes and humans lurking around Bon Temps. In what's surely a coincidence, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have both joined Twitter and Instagram recently, flooding their timelines with adorable photos and smooshy messages to each other.

HBO and the crew behind "True Blood" tapped into their fan base via social media like a phlebotomist finding a nice juicy vein, way before we were coming to blows over #GameofThrones spoilers or reading the live Tweets of everyone involved in "Scandal." You can expect to be inundated with a flood of "True Blood" from every direction for the next few months. Plus, let's not forget Joe Manganiello's directorial debut, "La Bare," about the Dallas male strip club of the same name. True to the end, indeed.

While you're biding your time, here's a clip to sate your thirst. It shows Bill and Sooookeh sharing a bloody moment in a car, en route to do some major butt-kicking thing that probably involves lots of goofy practical effects. And we thought Harvey Keitel's performance in "The Piano" was naughty! Sheesh.

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