Redoing the "Game of Thrones" title sequence in a variety of styles has become a geeky pastime, seemingly, and Wil Wheaton, the former "Star Trek" star and big time geek, has now thrown his hat into the ring with a "Brady Bunch" mash-up that is actually pretty funny and endearing. And you can watch it below!

The clip comes courtesy of his new Syfy series "The Wil Wheaton Project," which apparently is like a super nerdy version of "Talk Soup," with Wheaton standing in front of a green screen and throwing to things (and maybe talking about nerdy news topics, we're not sure). Anyway, as he admits, the "Game of Thrones" opening credits are maybe some of the best in television history but do a crummy job of explaining the complicated interpersonal relationships of the characters... which can obviously be rectified by a "Brady Bunch"-style opening.

The clip is only a little over a minute long and that doesn't give you too much time to go into the characters, and you really, really have to strain to overlook the painful canned laughter that they pipe in to make the whole thing seem funnier, but it is pretty cute and clever and as far as redoing "Game of Thrones" openings, it ranks pretty high (although we did love that eighties version).

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