"Tonight Show" house band The Roots are a great part of Jimmy Fallon's whole late night experience, and last night they proved just how awesome they are once again. Turns out, Tarik is a big Harry Potter fan. Please enjoy his epic rap about all things Hogwarts. All aboard!

Mike Tyson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel and treated us all to a delightful little cooking segment called "Mike Tyson Makes Eggs." Watch him as he artfully whips up one of his favorite omelette dishes. It's just great.

Tyson also chatted with Jimmy about how he enjoys "Game of Thrones." But he wasn't too pleased with the ending because "nobody won." Apparently he didn't know there was another season...

Jimmy Fallon and Rosario Dawson got to hang out with an adorable monkey in diapers, a baby white tiger, and a kind of creepy pair of red-eyed albino alligators courtesy of Jeff Musial. Spoiler alert: Jimmy is a little scared!

Later, Jimmy got a wild ride from a new elephant friend.

Over on "Late Night", Mike Myers revealed to Seth how he proposed to his wife. (It involves English soccer.)

And Dana Carvey stopped by David Letterman, but he wasn't without on one of his signature impersonations. What's a late night visit without a Johnny Carson impression anyway?