jimmy kimmel baby adviceBecause we know you were sleeping, we stayed up late on June 19, 2014 to gather the best bits from late-night talk shows. Here they are.

Jimmy Kimmel loves kids. And kids love Jimmy Kimmel. This fact was proven on "Jimmy Kimmel Live! when a little girl offers Kimmel advice on raising a newborn baby. Naturally, the conversation turns to poop, touching poop, eating poop, and butts. I believe the words "you're eating the poop" are uttered. It's incredible. Kimmel also lets loose unto the world another hilarious installment of "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship," and it's dirty in all the right ways.
On "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Jenny Slate cops to not understanding the difference between astronomy and astrology thanks mostly to her overwhelming love for marijuana. She is adorable and funny and very brave for revealing this fact given that she went to an ivy league school.
Did you know that Paul Rudd is obsessed with soccer? Too bad he knows nothing about the World Cup, a fact he has no problem admitting to David Letterman. Also, he thinks the players fall too much. So man up, professional athletes.Over on "The Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon -- who's currently taping his show in good ol' Orlando -- took some time to pen thank you letters to Florida weather, butter beer, a conveniently located roller coaster, plastic poncho people, the British government, Dunkin' Donuts, heat vs. humidity, and toilet wands.
Making rapper-actor Ice Cube crack a smile, let alone laugh, is nearly impossible -- no matter how hard you try. "Ride Along" costar Kevin Hart and Conan O'Brien both attest to this on "Conan," while repeatedly referencing a photo of a stone-faced Cube. A YouTuber put it best: "No one melts the Cube."