The 2014 Emmy nominations will be revealed July 10th, and in the days leading up to that big announcement we'll be sharing our dream picks for nods in the big categories.

To kick things off, let's focus is on reality TV. Love it or ignore it (or try to...), the genre is a huge part of today's television lineup. It's not all "Kardashians" and mirror ball trophies though -- sometimes it's fisherman risking their lives for a catch or special effects experts debunking the world's craziest myths.

This year's Emmys serves up four major reality categories -- host, competition, structured, and unstructured. Competition is pretty self-explanatory and past winners include "The Amazing Race" and ... "The Amazing Race." Yes, the has won every year from 2003-2012, aside from when "Top Chef" and "The Voice" surprisingly beat it out.

Beginning this year, the category for Outstanding Reality Program has been split in to two. Unstructured points to "docu-soaps" like "Duck Dynasty" and "True Tori," while Structured encompasses programming that follows a set format, such as "Storage Wars" and "Ghost Hunters."

Which shows deserve a nod? Check out our dream reality TV nominees, below, and stay tuned for more from our Emmy wish list over the next few weeks!

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