pearl jam let it go frozenWell, you can now add legendary American rock band Pearl Jam to the list of "people who have covered 'Let It Go'," where they now sit proudly beside every girl between the ages of 8 and 15 with access to a web cam. As People Magazine points out, the band played a concert in Milan on Friday night and covered "Let It Go," the Academy Award-winning song from Disney's "Frozen," in the middle of "Daughter."

As People helpfully reminds us, in 2013, Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament admitted that the group had become "the ultimate dad band," and this rousing cover pretty much cements that title, with lead singer Eddie Vedder belting out the lyrics in his signature gravelly roar. (Vedder has two young daughters, who, like the rest of America, have probably seen the movie a total of 1 billion times.)

"Frozen," of course, is the Disney animated feature that has broken box office records (it's the most successful animated film of all time, y'know?) and won two Oscars, including the Best Animated Feature statue. But now, the ultimate prize: being covered by Pearl Jam. Could you ask for anything more?

What do you think of the band's cover? Did Vedder reach in and capture his inner Elsa, or does he just want to be a snowman?

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