thelma and louise selfieBack before smartphones were de rigeur, instant selfies only existed with the help of Polaroid cameras, as demonstrated in "Thelma & Louise" by stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis. Last week, the women reunited to show today's #selfie-obsessed kids how it's done.

In an image posted to her Twitter account, Sarandon shared a snap of her and Davis as Thelma and Louise in the 1991 film alongside a photo of the pair's recent reunion. Twenty-three years later, and the actresses still look fabulous. While it may be too late for a "Thelma & Louise" sequel, we'd like to imagine Sarandon and Davis are real-life BFFs, too, and often take wacky, selfie-filled adventures together. Our fingers are crossed that Brad Pitt pops up at their next photo shoot.

[via: Susan Sarandon, h/t People]

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