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Will Forte can seemingly do it all. The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member can anchor an Oscar-nominated drama (last year's "Nebraska") and show up on "Conan" as an oversized approximation of media mogul Ted Turner (complete with stuffed buffalo) and do pretty much everything in between. It was revealed last week that he'll get the chance to inhabit a legendary "Simpsons" role –- for the never-before-seen King Toot, owner of the music store that sits beside Moe's Tavern. Pretty cool.

According to TV line, "Simpsons" executive producer Matt Selman revealed that Forte will play King Toot in the 26th season of the groundbreaking animated series, in an episode set to air this fall. Selman teased TV Line by saying: "Do they get along? I don't think so."

King Toot's Music Store is most famously featured in Season 9 episode "Lisa's Sax," in which the family recounts how Lisa obtained her signature instrument, and has been highlighted in a handful of additional episodes. We can imagine that having a store next to Moe's isn't exactly a walk in the park.

Forte will star in his own Fox sitcom, "The Last Man on Earth," from "22 Jump Street" masterminds Phil Lord and Chris Miller, starting in 2015. That should be very, very good too.

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