"Game of Thrones" has built an entire series around people fighting over control of the Iron Throne, but apparently, real-life royalty doesn't want any part of it.

That's the word from the "Thrones" set in Belfast, Northern Ireland Tuesday, where England's Queen Elizabeth II visited cast and crew, and toured the throne room containing the iconic perch. While the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, greeted actors including Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), and Kit Harrington (Jon Snow), she reportedly declined an opportunity to take a seat on the throne.
Despite spurning the sword-encrusted seat, QEII spent quite a bit of time chatting with costume and set designers, looking over clothing and props used on the HBO series, and talking to actors. And in video from the visit, we swear we can see the queen give the throne a wistful glance (or was it the side-eye?) -- though maybe that's just wishful thinking.

We would have loved to have seen the juxtaposition of the canary-clad monarch sitting against the decidedly not-sunny Iron Throne, though we suppose that's what Photoshop is for.
[via: Vulture, Mediaite]
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