MTV TRL Awards
MTV may have started out back in 1981 with the intention of broadcasting curated music videos to the American public, but over the years the network has transitioned into a reality, scripted, variety, and talk show powerhouse.

MTV's music-centric shows were a a big part of their lineup until the last decade and over time the network has also introduced tons of original, often groundbreaking, programming that doesn't have anything to do with what's topping the charts.

One of MTV's best series to date, "Teen Wolf," premiered its fourth season this week, and in honor of that show's success, we thought we would round up the best of the best from the network's past. It has sure seen its share of hits and misses over the years, and a few shows that you might have forgotten about, too. ("Clone High," anyone?) Sure, we miss the days of back-to-back music videos and funky VJs, but we're also grateful for a handful of gems over the music television years.

Here are our picks for MTV's best 25 shows ever:

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