Things are starting to get real over in "Bachelorette" land -- Andi and her suitors are starting to take things to another level. This week, the "I love yous" started to fly and the emotions were riding high as the group headed to Italy, where there was no shortage of drama.

Here are the highlights from "The Bachelorette" Season 10, week 6:

-Nick got the first one on one, much to Cody's dismay. You see, Poor Cody hasn't seen any alone time with Andi at this point. Anyhoo, Nick and Andi rode around gondolas and hung out with some pigeons. When in Rome Venice, right? He opened up about his issues with the other guys surrounding his cocky attitude and Andi appreciated the honestly. Plus, he's falling in love with her, you guys! Rose mission complete. Nick's in the clear.

-For the group date, the other men had to take a lie detector tests. Even Andi took one! What did we learn? Dylan doesn't wash his hands. Bum bum bum. That's pretty much it. When all was said and done, Andi ripped up the results.

-Cody finally got his one on one, which involved answering letters that had been sent to Juliet (of ill-fated couple Romeo and Juliet.) Cody was sweet and impressed Andi, but not quite enough... In fair Verona where we lay our scene, he preceded to pour his heart out to her at dinner, but she cut him off while in tears. She "didn't see potential in the romance" and didn't want to hurt him by taking him further in the competition if she wasn't feelin' it. Arrivederci, Cody.

So, who else was sent packing? Who was up? And who was down? Let's get to this weeks rankings:

Who's out? Cody (see above) didn't land a rose after his date. JJ, our fair pantsepreneur, also said goodbye.

Who's down? Josh (one of our frontrunners) and Andi seem to be getting their lines crossed. She revealed that she had a "cloud of doubt" about them and they just don't appear to have the chemistry or connection they used to. Dylan, like last week, mostly flew under the radar.

Who's up? Brian showed off his playful side and took initiative, which Andi appreciated. Marcus put it all out there and said he was in love with Andi.

Wildcard: Nick is obviously winning over Andi with his charms and bold moves, but it's clear that everyone else can't stand him. Aside from the departed Andrew, we guess he's the "is he here for the right reasons?" guy. Will he prove everyone wrong or is the villain they're making him out to be?

This week's MVP: Chris admitted he was Andi's secret admirer. He was the one writing those little love notes! And that revelation earned him a group date rose.

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