It's always a delight when you get to see your beloved former TV costars back together on screen again. It might have been years since they've done a scene together and the project could be completely different than the original, yet it always bring a sense of comfort to know the forever-synonymous actors are still connected in some way.

ABC Family is capitalizing on the TV reunion concept with their new comedy, "Mystery Girls," which stars Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth as actresses-turned-detectives. These ladies will always be linked to their roles as Donna and Kelly on the teen soap hit "Beverly Hills: 90210" (hmm, where's Brenda?), so it's no surprise that they're teaming up so a new generation and nostalgic '90s fans can tune in and enjoy their double dose of star power.

It's become somewhat of a trend for TV costars from the hits of yesteryear to reconnect and appear in new small screen efforts together. It's usually one helping the other out to promote their project, but it doesn't make it any less exciting. The "Friends" cast is especially good at reuniting for each other's entertainment endeavors, but that's what "Friends" famous ex-colleagues are for, right?

Let's get sentimental, guys. Check out 11 pairs of beloved TV co-stars who reunited for other shows:

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

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