Here's a look at some of the late-night chatter you may have missed Tuesday night.

Chelsea Handler had an intimate talk with "Witches of East End" star Jenna Dewan-Tatum, the gorgeous wife of the former Sexiest Man Alive, Channing Tatum. Jenna talked about a super-awkward spa session she had in Vancouver, involving a butt-naked scrub-down. It was a rough scrub, Jenna said, and in full lighting. It was also intimidating because there were beautiful women scrubbing her. Oh, and apparently "Chan" went right after her, for his own butt-naked scrub-down. It sounds like a porno waiting to happen, but apparently it wasn't hot at all. Chan was mortified. And Jenna noted how the scrubber lady knew who he was, so it wasn't even an anonymous awkward butt-naked scrub. And here we thought life was so easy for The Beautiful People!

Jimmy Kimmel sat down with Roseanne Barr - who rocked a hot white pantsuit look Hillary Clinton would envy - and she talked about stalking her son wherever he goes, including when he goes away to school. He doesn't love this. She also listed her favorite TV shows. (Hint: She only likes the "all-murder, all-the-time" channel and "The Hitler Channel and such.") Jimmy also talked to Eric Dane, who talked about catching a massive fish at age 12, and JKL featured his Cousin Sal doing a home delivery prank. Skip the fish story and just watch the oddly hilarious delivery video. It's long, but it gets funnier as it goes.

David Letterman talked to Melissa McCarthy about entering her fifth year on "Mike & Molly" while also shooting movies like her new one, "Tammy." She also has two young kids, and she explained why they just don't want to be taken around the country, learning about places like Wyoming. Since he's on CBS, Dave also got a plug in for the upcoming premiere of "Under the Dome" Season 2, via star Rachelle Lefevre. She read "Top Ten Questions People Ask Me About The Dome." Some of the Qs are practical, some semi-funny, some just not that great. Phish also performed "The Line" from their new album.