As Vulture handily points out, a YouTube user has combined a preexisting fan-made "Game of Thrones" intro, with a synth-y variation of the theme music that another super-fan put together, to create the most awesomely eighties "Game of Thrones" credits of all time. Seriously. This is awesome.

Everything about this is awesome: the antique HBO logo, the phony VHS-style ripples that interrupt the images, the old school font, and, of course, the must by Steve Duzz, which puts an upbeat, "Miami Vice"-worthy spin on the unforgettable theme music. If Westeros had a gay nightclub, you better believe this remix would be playing there on the regular. Quite frankly, it makes me want to have a dance with dragons! Zing!

And while this won't make the ten-month wait until the next season of "Game of Thrones" any less painful (and won't soothe the wounds of knowing Lady Stoneheart really won't be showing up on the series), it will at least give you something to shimmy to. And that's important in all seven kingdoms.

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