Think you know "Guardians of the Galaxy"? You have no idea. (Well, you probably do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.)

Guardians of the Galaxy - Clip No. 1

In this sneak peek, debuting exclusively on Moviefone, we get a rundown of who's who and what's what in Marvel's ambitious, intragalactic adventure, in which a ragtag group of convicts teams up to save the galaxy. Each of the stars gives us his or her take on their characters, complete with commentary from Groot's Vin Diesel and Rocket Raccoon's Bradley Cooper. Oh, and did we mention you're going to see some new footage? You are.

"They're the thieves, the bounty hunters, and the neglected. It's not a typical superhero movie," says Zoe Saldana, who plays the murderous Gamora. While we kinda got that sense from the trailer, we're happy to hear it come from the assassin's mouth.

"Peter Quill is the only human in this world," explains Chris Pratt, who plays the Earthling-turned-outer-space outlaw. "He doesn't have, like, super-human strength or the ability to fly. But he uses his cunning and his charm to get himself out of situations." Seeing as Pratt oozes charm, this role couldn't have been more perfect for him.

"Drax is a warrior, but he's so funny," reveals Dave Bautista, who plays Drax the Destroyer, a thug who lives up to his name. Up until now, we haven't really heard the character speak, so it's nice to know he can. And he's funny at that.

"Groot is one of the strangest and m interesting characters Marvel has ever put on film," reveals Diesel, who is definitely right about that. In one scene, we can see the tree-alien letting loose an arsenal of lightning bugs to light the way. Pretty trippy.

Coming in a close second to Groot in the category of weirdness, however, is the rascally Rocket Raccoon.

"Rocket is a raccoon with real anger issues," says Cooper. And that's pretty much all you need to read about Rocket -- the rest has to be seen to be believed. So watch him blow up some stuff in the clip.

The unbearable wait for "Guardians of the Galaxy" ends when it hits theaters August 1.

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