the guest trailer dan stevensFor "Downton Abbey" fans, Dan Stevens exists solely as the chubby Cousin Matthew, who was unceremoniously written off of the show when Stevens decided to pursue other avenues of his career. (He starred alongside Jessica Chastain in the Broadway production of "The Duchess," which was quite good as well.) Those same fans will probably be shocked and, most likely, swoon heavily, when they get a load of the teaser trailer for Stevens's new movie, "The Guest" (via IGN).

When you get your first glimpse of Stevens in "The Guest" trailer, you can see that the actor is sporting a whole new look; he is chiseled. "My name is David," he says, with his pitch-perfect American accent, and flashes a million watt smile. The rest of the trailer is less than a minute long, and keeps things purposefully vague: David is a soldier who shows up on the doorstep of his fallen comrade's family, insisting that their dead son asked David to keep an eye on them. From there things get considerably weirder.

We saw the film as part of the midnight section of the SXSW, where it was picked up for distribution by Picturehouse (it'll be out this fall). And we've got to say: "The Guest" is one of the very best genre movies of the year. Hands down. It's funny, it's scary, it's stylish, and it's incredibly surprising. Stevens delivers a star-making performance that is unsettling and charismatic. This guy is amazing. Even after having left the Abbey.

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