Here are some moments you might have missed during Thursday night's late night talk shows:

Over on The Late Show, Mark Ruffalo stopped by and opened up about playing the Hulk. Dave (with love, of course) told him he wasn't sure he would point to him in a lineup if he was ask to choose a guy for the part. Fortunately, Mark agreed with that consensus. He also spoke about his workout for the superhero role, which apparently involves... nothing.

Jimmy Kimmel rolled out a hilarious "Pedestrian Questions" segment where the audience had to guess if fans watching the World Cup US/Germany game at a bar were already drunk by 9 AM. Yup, some of them were hammered. In fact, one of them had "been hammered since yesterday." Enjoy the magic.

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" star Nicola Peltz was one of Kimmel's guests and she had an interesting tale to tell about Mark Wahlberg's wild friends. Mark tends to bring his old Boston buddies along with him (Nacho and Hamster are two examples of members of his "camp") and apparently one time there was an incident that involved eating goldfish straight from a vase. Just watch and learn.

Chris Rock weighed in on gun control on ChelseaLately in a way only Chris Rock could. Here's how he feels about dealing with the pro-gun people who cursed him out after he went to DC to speak on the issue.

Dave Letterman treated us to a top 10 list last night -- top 10 things that will get you banned from the zoo. This countdown was in honor of a lady who got kicked out of the Memphis zoo after feeding cookies and singing to lions.

Bob Newhart chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about his needy pal, Don Rickles. Bob has quite the funny way of dealing with the constant attention and validation Don needs, especially when they're playing golf.