pacific rim 2 release dateYES. In a somewhat unexpected move, director Guillermo del Toro announced, via adorable video message (below) that he would be back to direct "Pacific Rim 2" for Legendary Films. And that's not all – the giant monsters-versus-giant robots universe will be greatly expanded, as well, with an accompanying animated series and all-new comic book adventures. Universal later confirmed that they would be releasing "Pacific Rim 2" in that sweet "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" slot of April 7th, 2017. Please file under: amazing.

What makes this announcement something of a shock is the fact that the original "Pacific Rim," which took place in a futureworld version of earth that is regularly attacked by giant, Godzilla-like monsters, didn't perform all that well. On a reported $190 million production budget, the movie only made $101 million in America (and that was by the skin of its fangs), although it did amass a healthy $309 million from overseas markets and was a smash in the all-important Chinese market. Also, Legendary loves del Toro; they've also produced his upcoming Gothic romance "Crimson Peak," which co-stars Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska, and is out next year.

So it makes a certain kind of sense. Like the photo of Grumpy Cat and Peter Dinklage, we probably shouldn't spend too much time questioning why there is a "Pacific Rim 2" and just appreciate its existence in the first place. The first film was one of our very favorite movies of last year, a wild, hellzapoppin' fantasia that felt like a genuinely explosive, visionary sci-fi confection. Also: Kanye loved it. So at least Yeezus is excited.

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