Do you remember the days when Friday night was all about ABC's delightful block of family-oriented programming? Perhaps you rushed to your couch after dinner or piled in front of a set at a slumber party throughout the '90s, all so you could catch your favorite sitcoms play out from 8-10 PM as the weekend settled in. The "TGIF" phenomenon was its own decade-long version of tween-skewing must-see TV.

One of its breakout sitcoms was "Boy Meets World," which is being revived through the Disney Channel fifteen years after its finale through a spinoff appropriately titled, "Girl Meets World." The show premieres on TV screens Friday, June 27th (it's been streaming online since earlier this month) but has been making headlines ever since the concept was announced. The new effort surely hopes to tap into the nostalgia of now 30-somethings and capture a new generation of youngins looking for friendly, coming-of-age programming to get hooked on.

As we prepare for this beloved series' fresh iteration, we thought we would take a look back on the shows that brought the joy of watching awkward first kisses, wacky neighbors, "very special episodes," and plenty of memorable life lessons being learned.

Here is our definitive ranking of the TGIF shows, from the worst to the very best.

Photo via Touchstone Television / courtesy Everett Collection
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