"Mad Men" fans who've followed the drunken exploits of series star Don Draper for six and a half seasons know that the leading man has a problem with alcohol. But a new investigation by Detox.net, which quantifies just how many drinks Draper consumed throughout season six of the AMC drama, puts that problem in perspective -- and the booze-soaked results aren't pretty.

Like a similar study that analyzed the drinking habits of James Bond, the one conducted by Detox.net not only looked at how much Don was drinking, but what effect that drinking would have on his everyday life. The study estimated that based on how heavy those pours of Canadian Club that Don slung back at work were -- each tumbler contained approximately three drinks -- he was consuming on average 10 drinks per day; the CDC defines "heavy drinking" as consuming 15 drinks or more per week. Yes, per week. So, uh, Don has a problem, to say the least.

The site also calculated that 29 percent of those drinks were consumed during the day, and 20 percent of them were consumed at work. If he keeps up those drinking habits, Don is at an increased risk for dementia, stroke, depression, heart attack, hypertension, and fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver, among other side effects. His mortality risk is 129 percent higher than the average adult male.

And of course, Don's drinking led to a host of personal professional problems for the advertising exec. He was suspended from his job at the end of the sixth season, and also vomited at a funeral, landed in jail after punching a minister, and cheated on his wife multiple times. (Though that last one may not have needed the liquid courage.)

Don sort of, kind of, tried to curtail his alcoholic tendencies in season seven (leading to his hilarious protestation to Megan, "I haven't even been drinking that much!"), though Detox.net noted that it's going to take a lot of work for him to address his addiction. The site recommends AA and either an inpatient or outpatient detoxification program to curtail withdrawal symptoms.

We'll see if he's truly changed his ways when the second half of "Mad Men"'s seventh season premieres next year.

[via: Detox.net, h/t Paste]

Photo courtesy of AMC
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