penny dreadful"Penny Dreadful" has wrapped up its morose, bloody, twisty-turny, literary-infused first season, and we -- like you -- have some things to say about last night's finale. We also have some questions that we hope get answered in Season 2, which will likely air a year from now. Just take that in for a second.


OK, let's move on. We're going to recap the finale a bit first, then ask some questions. Remember, we're going to be discussing the show in some detail, so thar be SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Sir Malcolm Murray and the Not-So-Mysterious Case of Mina Harker
So, while Sir Malcolm and his ragtag group of supernatural warriors were able to kill The Vampire That Dare Not Speak Its Name with what looked like an oversized knitting needle, it wasn't enough to bring his daughter Mina back from the undead. She's full-blown vamp (her dead, soulless eyes and fangs gave it away). When Malcolm, rife with inner-conflict (my daughter's a vampire!) decides to do the deed that needs to be done, Mina's last words are "But I'm your daughter," to which he responds "I already have a daughter." Now, this could mean one of two things: 1. Vanessa Ives has become like a daughter to him, or 2. Vanessa is his daughter for real, you know, because of all the sex Malcolm and her mom had in that hedge maze. We're hoping the latter.

Bride of Recently Laid Off Theater Worker
penny dreadfulPoor Frankenstein's monster. Life was looking up for him, until he was rejected by his pretend girlfriend / obsession after nearly strangling her to death. While most would find that a turn on, she didn't, and promptly had him fired from his gig pulling ropes and unclogging tubes at the theater. Alone, he heads off to his creator's lab for a pity party of two, where he tells a sad tale of woe-is-me while Dr. Frankenstein holds a gun to his head. But emotions are powerful things, and Dr. Frank can't shoot his poor, sad, lonely monster. Instead, he tells him he can stay with him. Also, sad, lonely monster still wants a companion, because an undead lady friend is the perfect remedy for his near-fatal case of the lonelies. Did we mention how lonely he is?

Meanwhile, in Comsumptionville
penny dreadfulYet even more sadness is happening on the other side of town, where Ms. Croft is on her last legs, dying of consumption. In a desperate attempt to cure her, Ethan Chandler asks for Dr. Frank's help. But Dr. Frank doesn't want to cure her, he wants her corpse. So, while Ethan's off fetching a pale of water or something, he suffocates her with a pillow. Ladies and gentlemen, the lonely monster has a bride. Dr. Frankenstein wisks Ms. Croft's consumption-riddled corpse to his laboratory and begins god's work.

Daddy Issues
penny dreadfulEthan Chandler, while busy fretting about and mourning the loss of his beloved Ms. Croft, is also being hunted by a couple of thugs sent by his dear old dad to bring him back to the States. But Sharpshooter is not having it. Nosirree. The first encounter ends with Ethan kicking their butts, while the second ends with, well, a howl. See, it turns out that Ethan was hiding from us all the fact that he is a werewolf. WHAT?! Yes. During the second encounter with the thugs, Ethan transforms by the light of the full moon and goes full-blown wolfman. It's was quick -- a tease to get us excited for what's to come in Season 2. We're sure there were signs of it earlier in the season (a casual glance at the moon, a game of fetch), but we're too busy reeling from last night's reveal to remember.

Rejection Is a Four-Letter Word
penny dreadfulSo, remember when Vanessa Ives and Dorian Gray were having sex and Miss Ives up and left because the demon inside her was taking over? Well, now she can't see Dorian anymore because he brings out said inner demon... literally. Poor Dorian is used to getting exactly what he wants, but he can't have Vanessa because she has an Egyptian demon inside of her that will take over the world if she lets him plunder her lady garden. (That's as good a reason as we've ever heard for abstaining.) After learning the news that he will never be privy to her privates, Dorian sheds a single tear. *tear*

All's Well That Ends Well
Vanessa, wanting the above-mentioned demon out of her, seeks counsel from a priest, only to have the priest tell her that she could die if an exorcism is performed. (Was it just us, or did she seem kind of down with that?) The priest then goes on to tell her that having something, like a demon, inside of her makes her unique, special -- so why would she want to go and mess with that? Indeed, her character is far more interesting with the devil inside.

Question Time

1. How, exactly, will Dr. Frankenstein explain Ms. Croft's reanimated corpse to everyone? Looks like he'll have to hide her if/when she's alive again.

2. Is Vanessa really Sir Malcolm's daughter, or was that just a term of endearment? We want to know if Vanessa was conceived in the sex maze!

3. Are we headed to America in Season 2? Seems like we'll need some backstory about Ethan's lupine condition, and we're assuming it happened stateside. Or maybe in Canada. Mexico?

4. What will Sir Malcolm do now? He's not going to Africa, so maybe he can settle down and pick up a hobby, like drinking.

5. Will Vanessa embrace her inner demon or look to expel it? We think the former, as that will likely lead to more demon sex storylines.

6. Are we headed to Eqypt next season? All of the Egyptian references and hieroglyphics floating around certainly lead one to believe that a trip to Africa may be in happening, after all. And guess what's in Egypt? Mummies. MUMMIES.


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