June 30th brings the highly-anticipated second season premiere of CBS' sci-fi hit "Under the Dome," a series based on the Stephen King book of the same name. If you're a fan of King's work (even though this one deviates a bit) or just eerie small town mysteries in general, you probably won't be disappointed by this riveting TV adaptation.

Stephen King is regarded as one of the great masters of suspense (no disrespect to Mr. Hitchcock, of course) and his contribution to entertainment over the five decades has been huge. His thrilling, spooky, and often campy stories have been turned into countless film and TV projects, delighting horror and sci-fi fans alike on screen since "Carrie" got doused in pig's blood back in 1976.

He has dozens of TV adaptations to his credit, and we think now's a great time to look back at a few standouts.

Here are 9 creep-tastic Stephen King TV adaptations worth checking out.
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