Engadget Expand NY - Day 2
LeVar Burton's Kickstarter campaign to reboot beloved children's TV program "Reading Rainbow" had already made headlines for the short time it took to reach its fundraising goal. Now, the project has hit another milestone: It's the most-backed Kickstarter project ever.

Burton revealed the news on Twitter Monday with a jubilant post thanking supporters for their donations. "Reading Rainbow" racked up a record-breaking 91,587 backers, beating out the previous champ, the "Veronica Mars" movie Kickstarter, for the highest number of backers to support one project on the site. It's already shattered that number, and currently sits at just under 99,000 backers.
It seems that nothing can stop the "Reading Rainbow" resurgence, as the project has gained some impressive followers since it launched in May. It hit its $1 million goal less than 24 hours after it launched, and just this week, earned the support of "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane, who pledged to match every dollar donated after the Kickstarter reached $4 million. (It now sits just shy of $4.9 million.)

For more information about what Burton and co. hope to achieve with "Reading Rainbow" -- or to donate to the cause -- check out the campaign's page on Kickstarter.

[via: LeVar Burton, h/t TheWrap]

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