The stakes were high in this week's "Bachelorette" episode, as the hometown dates loomed just out of reach. Andi and the remaining suitors headed to Brussels where tensions soared and love bloomed. What went down?

-Marcus had the first one on one, a date that involved galavanting around Brussels eating Belgian waffles and mussels. At dinner we saw a different, more emotional side of him when he opened up about his difficult childhood. Things are starting to get real, y'all.

-There were only supposed to be two one on ones, as usual, but sneaky Nick wasn't having it. He totally snuck up to Andi's hotel room after her date, whisked her off for a late night rendezvous (a move she was very into), and they made out for what seemed like two full hours.

-Josh got a one on one in the lovely city of Ghent. After some awkwardness and tiptoeing, he admitted to Andi he was falling in love with her. Finally. Andi perked up after this revelation and all seemed well.

-The group date had the guys rail bike peddling up to a monastery with Andi in tow. After each of the guys got their respective time with her, it was time to give out the group date rose. Nick. Dun dun dun. The men were not pleased. Nick and Andi got even more time together, and of course, his already bloated confidence skyrocketed. There were fireworks. No, seriously, there were actual fireworks on their date.

-Later, the guys confronted Nick about his game playing ways. Apparently he's more about strategy than Andi, and he's (here it comes...) not there for the right reasons.

Let's dive further into where these remaining fellows stand:

Who's out? Despite "putting all his eggs in one basket" and getting those feelings out there, Brian did not make the cut. Dylan, who hasn't had much quality screen time lately anyhow, was also sent home.

Who's up? At this point in the game all the men are contenders since things are getting so very serious and family is about to be involved. Marcus is definitely creeping up on Andi's radar thanks to his total openness.

MVP: It's gotta be Nick. The guy "broke the rules" and took Andi a rogue date, got the group rose and even more one on one time, and managed to be hated by the other contestants while he was at it.

Somewhere in the middle: Chris. At one point in the group date, sweet Chris and Andi went all "Ghost" and got flirty with some clay. They're cute and all, but we want to see their relationship go to a deeper place if it's going to progress.

Somewhere we're not sure: Josh and Andi seem like a great match, but it still feels like there's a missing piece to that puzzle. He's trying to go the honest route with this whole thing and his I love yous felt a little forced, even if he does have feelings for Andi.

Time (and those always dramatic hometown dates) will tell what's in store for Andi's final four.

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