"Seinfeld" celebrates the 25th anniversary of its series premiere on July 5th, so we felt it was the perfect time to look back at the show about nothing that changed everything. We still quote this beloved series on a daily basis and are indebted to it for bringing us phrases like "low talker," "anti-dentite," and "soup nazi."

One thing's for sure about "Seinfeld" -- the briefly-seen bit characters were some of the most memorable parts of the series. And boy were there a lot of them. Jerry had over 50 girlfriends throughout the show's run alone.

Even though we always enjoyed watching the fab four (Elaine, Jerry, Kramer, and George) in action, the minor players couldn't help but stand out because top talent was consistently cast. Need proof? There are dozens of guest stars who went on to become stars in their own right.

See for yourself! Take a look at 25 guest stars who became famous after appearing on "Seinfeld."

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