clueless cher virtual closetRemember when you saw "Clueless," 19 years ago and thought, Gee, it would be great to have Cher's outfit-matching computer program? Well, that very old dream is now a reality. As the Daily Mail (via NY Mag) points out, online fitting company Metail have launched a "digital fitting room" based on the program utilized by Alicia Silverstone in the 1995 film.

Customers who use the digital wardrobe create their own "MeModel" by entering their measurements (including height, weight and bra-size) and then "try on" the famous outfits from the film, including that yellow plaid number that Azaelia Banks modeled recently in the amazing "Fancy" video. When you're done theorizing your ensemble, you can then upload your outfit to the world, through social media (with the hash tag #ShareYourCher).

It's unclear whether or not Paramount, the studio responsible for "Clueless," is involved in any of this, but considering how explicitly the program references the film, surely some dollars were exchanged.

OK -- enough with reading this article, go make yourself over into a teenager from the mid-'90s already!

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