Here's a look at some of the late-night chatter you may have missed Tuesday night.

It was a pretty quiet night on the late-night circuit. Only Jimmy Kimmel seemed awake and active. Jimmy sat down with Dane Cook, who is apparently trying online dating, including a visit to, which just didn't turn out right. Jimmy also dug up an embarrassing old photo of Dane with slicked-back hair and a hilariously earnest quote, and Dane shared his plans for the Fourth of July. Apparently he was a very high-strung kid, worried about high wind advisories with the fireworks. Jimmy also pointed out that Dane is getting a big "muscular." Is that a good thing?

Jimmy also sat down with Mark Duplass of "Tammy" (everyone from Melissa McCarthy's movie has been all over the circuit) and Mark talked about sex scenes. Usually actors say a sex scene is the least sexy thing in the world, or it's all technical like a fight scene. But Mark said they're all lying. "We are animals and there are things that happen when your lips touch another person's lips. There are these pistons that fire inside your body and, for men in particular, things can ignite." Oh my! Jimmy started taking notes at that point.

JKL also delved into The World Cup. Jimmy said he's been trying to follow World Cup action, but he doesn't really trust that so many Americans are really big fans of soccer. So he talked to people on the street with Lie Witness News, asking how they think Landon Donovan has been playing (even though Landon was actually cut from the team). Even if the questions are fake and set-up, it's still pretty good.

Trey Songz also performed two songs, "Na Na" and "Foreign." Jimmy had Trey translate "Na Na" to help older people understand the lyrics. #NewLyricsForOldPeople: