enchanted 2 sequelWay back in 2007, "Enchanted" filled our hearts with crazy love for Amy Adamsand made some serious bank, so it's high time for Disney to try and make a sequel!

J. David Stem and David N. Weiss ("Daddy Day Camp," "Are We There Yet," "Shrek 2") will be writing the script, and Anne Fletcher ("The Guilt Trip," "27 Dresses," "Step Up") will direct. How could this go wrong?!

There's no word on whether or not Adams, who has wowed audiences with dramatic performances in "American Hustle," "Her," "The Master," among others, will reprise her role as Giselle, and, well, why would she? Her career is so crazy good that it would be silly to take a break from her dramatic work to sing for her supper in a sequel.

Meanwhile, her co-stars seem pretty busy too. Idina Menzel is busy still rocking Broadway and racking up awards, Susan Sarandon is holding it down in Hollywood, and James Marsden has a ton of projects lined up, including the sappy Nicholas Sparks adaptation "The Best of Me."

We're not holding out too much hope for this sequel, especially since the news was announced on an afternoon before a long weekend when no one is really paying attention to work or news or anything anyway. Except us. We are.

[Via Deadline]

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