hocus pocus 2 tina feyUPDATE:Deadline has crushed our "Hocus Pocus 2" dreams. The site is reporting that the Tina Fey-starring witch movie being developed by Disney isn't, in fact, a sequel to the 1993 kids' movie as we'd all hoped. Should we launch a Kickstarter?

It's natural to be skeptical of a sequel, especially ones like "Hocus Pocus" that seem like nothing more than a Disney pipe dream. Sure, there have been names tossed around, but there's been nary a detail for us to hang our pointy black hats on until now. According to the insidery biz site The Tracking Board,Tina Fey and her production company Little Stranger have signed on to produce the untitled sequel. Although there's no news about whether or not she'll star in the film, the very idea that she'll be a guiding hand behind the scenes is enough to pique our interest.

Fey's name was bandied about when the sequel news first broke in April, as Disney was looking for "leads in the vein of Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy." The two story pits witch against witch, as a housewife who's related to the infamous Sanderson gals teams up with a witch-hunter to save her son from the hands of a rival coven. There are tons of great options for casting, especially if Fey and McCarthy signed on for starring roles.

McCarthy is a hot Hollywood property; her new film "Tammy" is already making bank, and she's also got the more serious "St. Vincent" lined up for this October. Fey is obviously no slouch either; she has the upcoming ensemble drama/comedy "This Is Where I Leave You" coming out this September, and is currently filming "The Nest" with Amy Poehler. Speaking of Poehler, how great would it be if she joined the cast as a witch? So great. So, so great. This could be a fully stocked cast of funny ladies!

This is all just guesses and wishes for now, but we'll be watching closely as this sequel develops.

[via Empire]

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