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During the very last moments of the season finale for ABC's popular fairy tale drama "Once Upon a Time," a tantalizing new character was introduced, one that is undoubtedly very familiar to the show's loyal viewers –- Queen Elsa, from Disney's record-breaking "Frozen." She was seen from behind, as more of a silhouette than a fully formed character, and now Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the role has been filled by an actress, who if you're a fan of genre television, you just might recognize.

The site is claiming that Georgina Haig, who played the role of Henrietta "Etta" Bishop on Fox's beloved cult sci-fi series "Fringe," will let it go as Elsa on "Once Upon a Time." (She can currently be seen on the CBS drama "Reckless." No clue what that is.) Haig joins Elizabeth Lail, who will play Elsa's sister Anna, and Schoot Michael Foster (from "Greek") as Kristoff, the mountain man whose gruff exterior masks an inner tenderness.

It's unclear how Elsa, Anna and Kristoff will fit into the larger picture of "Once Upon a Time," a show that you'd think would be super appealing to someone like me but who is overwhelmed by the complicated mythology and overabundance of characters. (It involves fairy tale characters existing on both sides of a kind of fantastical divide, inhabiting the real world and a storybook realm. Trippy, I know.) This might be the perfect entry point for the series, though, especially given how many people absolutely loved "Frozen."

"Once Upon a Time" returns, with its chilly new characters, this fall.

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