Susan Sarandon, Jimmy Kimmel, Thelma & Louise, Selfie
Didn't stay up for Wednesday night's late night talk shows? Moviefone's got you covered. Here's some of what you might have missed:

Proving that recreating a famous selfie is too much fun to pass up, host Jimmy Kimmel got in on the act with Susan Sarandon by dressing up as Geena Davis and posing with Sarandon against a green screen to re-do the iconic "Thelma & Louise" self-portrait. "We invented [the selfie], definitely, at that moment," Sarandon said of the 1991 flick. While Kimmel and his crew did an excellent job getting the little details -- including Davis's mole -- just right, the host admitted that in his scraggly wig, "I look more like the guy from White Snake" than Davis.

Sarandon, stopping by "Kimmel" to promote her role as Melissa McCarthy's grandmother in "Tammy," also told the host that she's about to become a real-life grandmother for the first time in August, and her nickname will be "Honey," a word that her daughter had made into a necklace for Sarandon to wear. But that's led to some confusion. "Someone today asked me if it said 'horny,'" the actress explained, though she added that she wouldn't mind still being horny when she's a grandmother.

The pair also chatted about Sarandon's role in the classic baseball flick "Bull Durham," which the actress said she landed only because she was willing to audition for the part, and the director's top choices all refused. Kimmel admitted that he wanted to be a professional baseball player after seeing the film because of how much sex the characters had, though he joked that since he's married now, he's "really cut down" on late night activities. "Well, talk to Robin Thicke," Sarandon quipped in a perfectly-timed zing aimed at the allegedly adulterous singer. (Who was also a guest on "Kimmel" that night.)

Meanwhile, over on "Chelsea Lately," Sarandon's "Tammy" co-star Melissa McCarthy recounted to host Chelsea Handler a huge fail she committed while filming some test shots on a jetski. McCarthy said she wanted to shoot in full hair and makeup in case the crew was able to get some useable footage from the tests, thus cutting down on filming time, but admitted that she didn't really know what she was doing -- and ended up wiping out pretty hard, flipping the jetski in the process. The actress said that she ruined a $9,000 wig, a pricetag that made the "Lately" audience gasp. "I know! A wig!" McCarthy said. "I love that nobody made a noise when I was like, 'I fell at 45 miles an hour.'"

Back on "Kimmel," actor Ramon Rodriguez, who stars in newly-minted hit "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," chatted with the host about his tendency for pranks, first with his recent promise to his mother that he can levitate -- and using that ruse to get her to be quiet on a cross-country road trip -- and his childhood love of throwing urine-filled water balloons at passing strangers in his neighborhood in New York City's Lower East Side. That latter activity led to some "karmic retribution," Rodriguez admitted, though he assured Kimmel that he's "paid [his] dues" for it.