By Rebecca Silverstein, Wonderwall

It seems like only yesterday the stars of "Jersey Shore" were teaching us the importance of GTL. But these self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes have moved on from Seaside Heights, NJ. Take Pauly D and the Situation, for instance. Pauly D starred in his own spin-off series, opened for Britney Spears on tour and had a custody war with his baby mama. Meanwhile, the Situation appeared on "Dancing With the Stars," released a workout DVD and got arrested for fighting his brother in a tanning salon. Who are we kidding? They're still the same fist pumpers we met in 2009. To celebrate the Situation's 32nd birthday on July 4 and Pauly's 33rd birthday on July 5, let's take a look at what some other MTV alumni are up to.MTV Stars Where Are They Now