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Years before "Man of Steel" launched the debate of how many city blocks Superman could successfully destroy while still being classifiable as a "superhero," there was "Superman Returns." A venture launched by "X-Men" mastermind Bryan Singer and piggybacking, weirdly enough, on Richard Donner's original "Superman" movie, it was unsuccessful, and anchored by a young actor who seemed destined for super-stardom... Until he wasn't. Well, that actor, Brandon Routh, will make a return to his comic book origins, with a supporting role on the CW's wildly popular "Arrow."

According to TV Line, Routh, who also popped up in the comic book-derived masterpiece "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" (not to mention the less successful "Dylan Dog," based on the beloved Italian horror comic), will play Ray Palmer in the third season of "Arrow." For those of you with successful romantic partnerships, Ray Palmer's alter-ego is The Atom, who can shrink down to microscopic sizes, and has, at various points, been a part of the Justice League and Teen Titans. (As TV Line notes, the character's most recent small screen appearance was on Cartoon Network's "Young Justice," a show that kind of splits the difference between Justice League and Teen Titans.)

In "Arrow," Palmer will be running Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences Division. If you remember, in Christopher Nolan's moody reconfiguration of Batman, the Applied Sciences Division is where all of the super off-the-books Wayne Enterprises technology was researched and developed. So clearly, something mysterious is afoot.

Routh joins a trio of new characters to the series, which now includes Devon Aoki as DC Comics character Katana, Karl Yune as her husband Maseo Yamashiro and Peter Stormare as the villainous Count Vertigo. (If you're name is Count Vertigo, you're usually up to no good.)

"Arrow" returns to the CW on October 8th.

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