At the end of the last season of "The Walking Dead," Rick and most of his group had been reunited -- and then promptly imprisoned -- at the mysterious settlement of Terminus. But what about Carol, Tyreese, and baby Judith?

While we won't know their fate until season five premieres this fall, a new, brief teaser offers audiences a glimpse of the trio, who are alive -- for now. The clip only features one line of dialogue: Carol whispering "More" as she spots a horde of zombies approaching them in the woods.

As she and Tyreese grab Judith and flee, the zombies continue their slow, steady approach. We're guessing that the threesome makes it out of the forest and eventually makes its way to Terminus to join the rest of their group; just what state they'll find their friends in when they get there is up in the air.

The fifth season of "The Walking Dead" debuts on AMC this October.

[via: Paste]

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