Well, here it is: the brand new trailer for what might be our most anticipated movie for the rest of 2014 (at least if we're talking about movies that don't involve talking raccoons) –- David Fincher's "Gone Girl," the twisty new thriller starring Ben Affleck that is based on the equally twisty, best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn (who also wrote the screenplay). And folks: it's going to be good.

This trailer is a bit more fleshed out than the original, laying down the basics for the four people out there who didn't read the book, with Affleck becoming suspect #1 after his wife (Rosamund Pike from "The World's End") goes missing. Anything else, especially given the tricky nature of the story, would drift uncomfortably into the forbidden territory of spoiler-world, so we'll try to keep things to a minimum, although Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Missi Pyle, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit and my future wife Emily Ratajkowski co-star.

Based on the lengthier trailer, Fincher is bringing his peerless eye for atmosphere and mood to the big screen, and everything looks dark, dark, dark. (It will also sound dark, dark, dark considering the fact that it will come complete with a new score by Nine Inch Nails principles, and frequent Fincher collaborators, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.) Fincher is a filmmaker working at the top of his game, and the movie's October 3rd opening means that Fox really believes in it –- this is the same weekend that Oscar juggernauts "Gravity" and "Argo" opened. So yes, this could be the film that finally gets Fincher his long overdue Academy gold... while also being one of the biggest hits of the year.