This crucial week on "The Bachelorette" was all about the highly-anticipated hometown dates. We got a chance to see what these four final guys' lives were all about outside the confines of a camera-filled mansion and gained new insight into their feelings, hopes, dreams, and family dynamics. Let's explore further!

-First Andi went to Wisconsin to hang with "sometimes salty" Nick and his big family. There were like a billion of them. They went to a brewery first and then had dinner with everyone, where Andi had to keep everyone straight while acting like this was totally normal. Nick's sister obviously wanted to protect him, and revealed to Andi that he had been to a lot of heartbreak and she didn't want to see him hurt. Then Andi spoke to Nick's little sister, who interrogated her with a bunch of important questions (one of them was along the lines of "do you love my brother?"), even though she totally forgot Andi's answers later on. This obviously didn't matter, because Andi totally passed the test and was adored by all. She even remembered all seventeen of their names. Nice.

-Andi went to Iowa to check out Chris and his sprawling farm. Although she was hesitant about living in Iowa, she said she was "open" to it. Plus, she thought he looked hot in his vest. Turns out Chris is a pretty successful dude, who has a really nice house and living situation -- this totally impressed Andi. Did I mention she thought he was the hottest farmer ever? After he had a plane fly by with a sign that said "I love Andi" which she thought was the cutest thing ever. They went to meet Chris's family and they were probably the nicest people! His sisters were very sweet and clearly proud of their brother. His mom totally loved Andi and raved about the beautiful babies she and Chris would make. Success!

-Next Andi met Josh and they headed to the diamond to play some baseball, which was kinda weird since he hadn't played in a really long time. They got down to business about his family and Josh revealed his brother was in the midst of preparing to get drafted for the NFL. Which is, like, a really big deal! So then she got all nervous about getting in the middle of that. Rightfully so, because Josh's brother was kinda the focus of the evening. Sports is obviously at the center of this close-knit family (Josh cried when he saw them) and Andi wasn't sure if she could deal with it. She was calmed down by some relational chit-chat with his siblings and that was that.

-Then Andi headed to Dallas to meet Marcus' folks. But first, he stripped for her? And she loved every second of it. She went on to meet his supportive and loving family, although Marcus was disappointed that his father wast there. He spoke to his brother and thanked him for being there when his father wasn't. Later Andi admitted to them that she was worried she couldn't catch up to the intense feelings Marcus had for her.

Unfortunately the second half of the show revolved around Andi and the men learning of former contestant Eric Hill's passing. It was very upsetting to watch and Andi almost couldn't go through with the rose ceremony.

So, where does everyone stand?

Who's out? Unfortunately Marcus did not get a rose. It seems she just couldn't get to the place he had gotten to in their "relationship."

Who's down? Even though Andi wants to keep Josh around, they just don't seem to be progressing. His family was awfully sweet, but there was a lot of pressure to be fully invested in their routine and their lifestyle. Is she game?

MVP: Chris. What a catch! Even though we're not sure Andi can handle farm life as much as she says she's not a "city girl," Chris totally won her (and us) over with his warm home and fabulous family.

Not sure!: Week after week, we're stumped by Nick. He's starting to seem more genuine -- but would she really choose him?

Stay tuned for next week when we delve into what happens with those fantasy suites...

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