the conjuring spinoff annabelle release dateAfter scaring up success at the box office, "The Conjuring" is expanding its cinematic reach with a new spinoff, "Annabelle," that is set to hit theaters this fall.

"Annabelle," named after the demon-possessed doll featured in the 2013 horror flick, now has an October 3 release date. It will open against David Fincher's hotly-anticipated adaptation of "Gone Girl."

Many members of the "Conjuring" creative team are returning for "Annabelle," including James Wan, who directed the first flick. Instead of directing, Wan will produce "Annabelle," alongside "Conjuring" producer Peter Safran. "Conjuring" cinematographer John Leonetti is helming the film, from a script by Gary Dauberman.

"Annabelle" stars Annabelle Wallis ("Peaky Blinders"), Ward Horton, and Alfre Woodard.

[via Variety]

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