More than 30 years after its Broadway debut, could "Cats" finally make its way to the big screen?

Yes, according to creator Andrew Lloyd Webber, who revealed in a recent interview that a planned revival of the stage musical had led to renewed interest in a film adaptation of the classic show. Speaking with Reuters, Webber said that the new take on "Cats" that's set to open in London's West End in December has made him think about bringing more of his hits back to the stage -- and perhaps back into movie theaters as well.

"Yes I think it's very possible that I might have a look at one or two of my shows," Lloyd Webber said of hits such as "Phantom of the Opera" and "Starlight Express." "And of course, the other thing that's happening is them being made into movies. ... There is considerable talk at last about 'Cats' being made into a movie so it gives me a chance to think about the material and how that can happen."

Despite "Cats"' status as the second-longest running show in Broadway history, a film adaptation has never been able to materialize. Its offbeat subject matter -- per the Los Angeles Times, it focuses on "a clan of cats gathering for an annual event in which one of them will be chosen to ascend to heaven and be reborn" -- and difficult staging no doubt posed problems for filmmakers, but even a planned 1990s animated adaptation from Steven Spielberg failed to come to fruition.

Still, beloved musicals are no stranger to the big screen, and audiences' fond memories (and "Memory") will hopefully help "Cats" find new life. Stay tuned.

[via Reuters, h/t LA Times]

Photo by AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

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