Here's a look at some of the late-night chatter you may have missed Tuesday night. This was a pretty good one, actually, from cute animals to Joan Rivers being not-so cute.

Joan Rivers said she doesn't remember the name of the CNN reporter whose interview she ditched (it's Fredricka Whitfield), but the interview was "very judgmental, very nasty, very opinionated, negative," Joan said. "It was like my wedding night." (Ba dum dum) She said Dave has interviewed her for a long time; he knows you don't sit down and say, "You look nice, but what's that smell?" Then, in classic Joan fashion, she dished it out (even if she can't take it). "It's like when you talk to the Olsen twins, you don't say things like, 'Where's your favorite place to vomit?'" (Yikes.) Joan said she was just trying to promote her book. "It's a funny book!" She also didn't appreciate Fredricka attacking her for wearing fur. "Yeah, I'm like the Kardashians, it comes and grows!" Joan also said she's not "mean" to people, her job is to be "fashion police." Style is like herpes, she said, you either have it or you don't. Dave basically stroked his friend Joan's ego, saying, "There's not a person in the world that can carry your purse," she could've turned on the interviewer and made lemonade out of lemons. Joan said she did, at first, but she's 81 years old and basically got fed up. But Joan also made jokes about Fredricka's looks during her "Late Show" chat, so it's like she waited until the CNN reporter's back was turned to get a little judgmental herself. Joan also insisted the CNN interview was not a publicity stunt. The 4:00 minute mark is the best part, 'cause Dave takes off his coat and walks out on Joan! (He just does it as a joke, and you can hear him off camera as Joan interviews herself, but it's still pretty funny.)

Jimmy Fallon had Halle Berry on "The Tonight Show," and not only did she talk about her new show "Extant," they did this rolling thing that has to be watched, it can't really be explained:

That's how we roll!

But in her sit-down interview with Jimmy, Halle talked about her kids -- and they started arranging a marriage between Halle's baby son and Jimmy's baby daughter. She talked about "Extant," saying she went into television to spend more time with her kids, but she never sees them since TV is so intense and requires so many hours. She also refused to give spoilers on what's going to happen in the finale.

Over at "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Seth played with the cuuuuuuuuutest baby animals -- and the Kratt Brothers -- even if the animals didn't seem like they wanted to be there. (Too much audience noise?) Seth seemed terrified of a little baby bear. But watching a bear eat applesauce = adorable. The bear is in the second video. In the first, a possum crawls around on Seth's shoulder and the guys introduce a 6-month-old baby alligator. The mother alligators are super-protective and protect their babies for years, the guys said. "So they're Jewish?" Seth noted. "Alligators are Jewish. I'm learning so much about animals." The crowd really awwws for the tiny swift fox, so don't miss that one.

Also on Seth's show, Bravo honcho Andy Cohen looked back on five years of "Watch What Happens Live." Andy said he's always just one tweet away from getting fired. He can't believe he's been on live TV for five years, especially since they have alcohol on the show and celebs drink through it all. Seth admitted he got buzzed when he was on WWHL. Andy talked about guests he's had, and guests he wants. He'd love to see Michelle Obama on the show, drinking something other than water. In the second video, Andy talked about torturing his parents by making them come on the show to tend bar and say dirty words in Spanish, even though they don't speak Spanish.