If you thought Litchfield Prison on "Orange Is the New Black" was a tough place, wait 'til you see Princess Prison.

That's where "Frozen" queen Elsa goes after committing the crime of freezing her kingdom. Animator Leigh Lahav has mashed up the blockbuster Disney film with Netflix's hit dramedy, "Orange Is the New Black," and the results are simply divine.

All of Disney's iconic princesses are included, from the chirpy Snow White (channeling Lorna) to a controlling Merida (is that you, Red?) to a too-close-for-comfort Mulan (Crazy Eyes?). There's even a version of Pornstache, the jerk guard - the Disney version is "Beauty and the Beast" villain Gaston!

"Wait! I don't have my tiara!" cries Elsa when her photo is taken upon intake.

"Tough s---," smirks Gaston.

Yup -- watch out for the language here.

Oh, and just wait until Elsa tries to "Let It Go"!

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