This past season of "Game of Thrones" was pretty jaw-dropping –- between the mammoth-assisted battle at the Wall, the face off between The Mountain and The Viper, and the so-called Purple Wedding (less emotionally impactful than last season's Red Wedding, but still shocking as hell), this season packed an almost obscene amount of thrills, chills and spills into its ten epic hours. And one of the companies responsible for bringing so much majestic scope to the series is a German company called Mackevision. They just posted a video of their contributions to this season (via Hey U Guys) and it's pretty unbelievable.

Largely the company was responsible for what is now being referred to as "digital matte paintings" – overlaying some kind of computerized painting of, say, a castle, or a pirate ship, into a preexisting live action plate. This is hard, laborious work, and the efforts from Mackevision are flawless and artistic. In fact, watching the clip, you tend to be taken off guard. These things look so real that you just kind of assumed that they were actually there. Not so.

Additionally, the company added large crowd scenes, changed or augmented preexisting locations, and created wave or water effects. It's a pretty profound accomplishment, especially on what is undoubtedly a far more miniscule budget than most projects. So just watch the clip, soak it in, and count down the days until we all get to return to Westeros.

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