Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Ripa, Pop Quiz, Tonight Show
Didn't stay up for Wednesday night's late night talk shows? Moviefone's got you covered. Here's some of what you might have missed:

Jimmy Fallon introduced a new celebrity game to "The Tonight Show" called Pop Quiz, in which he and guest Kelly Ripa answered pop culture trivia questions while sitting on stools wearing giant, pointy dunce's caps. The catch? If one of them answers their question correctly, their opponent's chair gets raised up towards a four-gallon water balloon suspended from the ceiling; their own chair is raised if they answer their own question wrong. Announcer Steve Higgins seemed gleefully excited about the prospect of soaking Fallon and Ripa, and both contestants squirmed as their respective chairs climbed toward the rafters. "This is terrible!" complained Fallon at one point. "You're supposed to ask me stuff I know!" We won't spoil all of the questions and responses, but neither Ripa nor Fallon make it out of their chairs dry.

Over on "The Late Show," soccer star Clint Dempsey stopped by to talk about the U.S. Men's National Team's recent appearance in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and the audience greeted the team captain with a standing ovation and chants of "USA! USA!" Dempsey and host David Letterman then discussed the sport's reputation for allowing players to get away with faking horrific injuries, and Dempsey's disappointment that a play that actually broke his nose -- he was kneed in the face by a player from Ghana -- resulted in zero penalties. Despite the bumps and bruises, Dempsey said that playing in the World Cup, his third with the USMNT, was "a dream come true."

"Unforgettable" star Poppy Montgomery also chatted with Letterman, and made the (somewhat obvious) announcement that she was six months pregnant with her third child. Montgomery said that she'd been keeping the pregnancy a secret while filming scenes for the show because she didn't want any special treatment, but she was ready for a change. "I want people to give me their seats, I want them to open doors," the actress said. "I want to be a proud, pregnant action star."

Back on "Tonight," after Fallon dried off, he sat down with "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello, where the pair discussed a major SPOILER about Manganello's werewolf character, Alcide. We won't reveal it here, but Manganiello clearly took pleasure in discussing the shocking plot point, quickly rattling off a bunch of other spoilers about beloved series including "Breaking Bad," "The Sopranos," and "Lost." He also chatted with Fallon about all the nudity on "True Blood," and how it's hard to be sexy -- and stop shivering during love scenes -- when filming in freezing, late night temperatures.