Well, it looks like Rosie O'Donnell, the comedian, movie star and talk show host who joined the cast of ABC's daytime staple "The View" for a single season (later saying the experience gave her something like post-traumatic stress disorder), will be returning to the fold. ABC announced that she will be joining queen bee Whoopi Goldberg in the upcoming season of the long-running series. So, yes, that is happening.

Goldberg is currently the only member of the cast, after Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd announced last week that they would not be returning, and series mainstay Barbara Walters retired. Joy Behar and conservative sparkplug Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who, somewhat predictably, was not excited about O'Donnell's return, left the show earlier in its run.

This will be the 18th (!) season of the show, and reportedly the producers are looking for a Latina co-host as well as a conservative (with Meghan McCain said to be in the running). We'll see how this all pans out, but knowing the view, whatever combination of women they come up with, it'll sure to be combustible and highly entertaining.

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