The 2014 Emmy Awards nominations were announced this morning and as usual, we saw a lot of familiar faces. Many of the actors and actresses nominated this year appeared on other beloved shows before their current gigs.

Take the great Woody Harrelson, for instance.The acclaimed actor is nominated for his fantastic dramatic work on "True Detective" and has been in dozens of films, but it's hard to forget he started out as Woody on "Cheers." This was a role he was nominated for five times:

Kate Mulgrew, now seen as the fierce Red on "Orange Is the New Black," also earned a nod this morning. Mulgrew is known for her work on "Star Trek: Voyager." Check out this priceless throwback of her giving a tour of the Voyager:

And how could we leave out "Homeland" star Claire Danes as breakout role Angela Chase in her "My So-Called Life" days? Here she is in a dreamy scene with now Oscar winner Jared Leto A.K.A. Jordan Catalano:

Good luck, nominees! Never forget where you started...

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