unbroken trailerAngelina Jolie can be currently seen on movie screens worldwide as the title character in Disney's blockbuster "Maleficent," which recently became Jolie's most successful movie ever, with a worldwide gross of $600 million (and climbing). And while she has certainly secured her dominance as a box office draw, this Christmas she will be gunning for a different kind of gold, as she enters the Oscar race as a director with the harrowing true-life drama "Unbroken," which now has a brand new trailer.

"Unbroken" was based on the best-selling nonfiction book by "Seabiscuit" author Laura Hillenbrand and concerns a former Olympic track star named Louis Zamperini (Jack O'Connell) who joins the Pacific campaign in World War II, spends nearly 50 days at sea after his airplane is shot down, and then is captured by the Japanese and spends more than two years in a POW camp. Remind me of this the next time I complain about missing the train.

The movie, out this Christmas from Legendary and Universal, looks spectacular -- exciting, human, and deeply sad (but, you know, ultimately triumphant). It has virtually every element that ensures that it will be an Academy Awards juggernaut: it's a true story, it's based on a huge book, it's a story of adversity, it's a period piece, and it's going to be a huge smash hit at the box office that audiences are going to eat up with a spoon.

The movie costars Garrett Hedlund, Jai Courtney, Luke Treadaway and Domhnall Gleeson. Oh, and Jolie has assembled an even more impressive roster of people behind the camera: the screenplay was written by Joel & Ethan Coen, it was shot by 11-time Academy Award nominated cinematographer Roger Deakins, was edited by Ang Lee confederate Tim Squyres, and features a score by "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" composer Alexandre Desplat. So, yes, it will win all the Oscars.

"Unbroken" is out on Christmas day.

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