In the dog days of summer, we sometimes feel very, very thirsty -- and not for a cool, refreshing beverage, but for any information about the upcoming second season of HBO's peerless mystery series "True Detective." So far we know that there will be four lead characters, that at least one of them will be a woman (here's hoping) and that the central mystery concerns the "secret occult history of the United States transportation system" (ohmygodsocool). But today we got our biggest bit of information yet, as it looks like HBO is zeroing in on two of the new season's leads. And yes, they are very impressive.

According to The Wrap, Colin Farrell is negotiating for the lead role in "True Detective" Season 2. According to the site, "HBO was intent on landing a true movie star," and apparently Farrell fills that role although god only knows when he had a true hit movie, instead shuttling between under-seen indie gems like "In Bruges" or "Ondine" and misbegotten studio fare like the unctuous "Total Recall" remake. He remains, however, one of the most compulsively watchable actors out there, and he always makes his performances glimmer, whether he's playing a monster in the underrated "Fright Night" remake or an alcoholic father in "Saving Mr. Banks." This choice pleases us.

The other bit of casting news The Wrap is reporting is that former "Friday Night Lights" heartthrob (and one-time Dotar Sojat) Taylor Kitsch is being lined up for one of the younger roles in the series, a part that Garrett Hedlund was also gunning for.

Of course, HBO refused to comment on the story, although the heat is on –- virtually everyone from the original season, including but not limited to writer Nic Pizzolatto (who will be back for season 2), director Cary Fukunaga (who won't be back), and amazing leads Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, were nominated for Emmys yesterday. The show received a whopping 12 total nominations. And given the unpredictable, anthology format of the show (where each season will focus on new characters/cases) and the obsessive way people watched the first season, it's easy to understand how every breadcrumb about this new season could not only be devoured, but dissected first.

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