The dramatic reality TV event we've been waiting for will soon arrive: the sixth season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" premieres on Bravo this Sunday, July 13. It appears to be quite the doozy -- full of everything from legal issues to identical twins to intense family cat fights and gossip. Plus, the return of original housewife, Dina Manzo.

Season 5 was all sorts of crazy, so if you're not caught up on the show you should probably do so now. But first we'll provide a little help outlining the highlights of the season for you. Through gifs, of course!

-One thing that did not let up last season: The tension insane fighting between the Giudices and the Gorgas. Teresa and her brother Joe continued to butt heads. Even Caroline Manzo tried to get involve in their troubled relationship. And Melissa was so fed up with the drama that she wanted to sell the house to get away from the Giudices.

-And things came to a head when Teresa and Joe's dad went to the hospital. Teresa accused Melissa of lying about visiting him and things got even more ugly between her and Joe. They got into it at a gym (as one does) and by this part it's hard to remember where this all started...

-Meanwhile, Melissa is writing a memoir about marriage. But it's not like Teresa's cookbook, OK?

-And Kathy wants to buckle down on her dessert business, but feels pressure from Richie when he rents her a commercial kitchen.

-The biggest moment of the season was when everyone headed to Lake George for a retreat in the hopes of a reconciliation. But Melissa can't deny Teresa's lying ways.

-Joe Gorga goes on to call his sis Teresa scum. Then this happens:

-But a wise woman named Dr V. intervenes so the family can work through their issues. They try.

-Back in New Jersey we got to see Rosie on the prowl, all ready to date and stuff.

-By the way, Jacqueline's daughter Ashlee moved to LA to start an independent life for herself.

-And Jacqueline went to visit her! But also got a tummy tuck and neck job while she was at it.

-There's also a ton of gossip about Melissa supposedly cheating on Joe floating around, and girl is hell-bent on shutting it down.

-Then everyone went on a spa retreat in Arizona for Melissa's birthday. Relaxing, right?

-A lot of heavy things come to surface in Arizona, including Rosie's lament that she never feels good enough, Richie and Kathy's marital issues, and Al Manzo's reveal that he was emotionally abused growing up. Everyone sort of attempts to make up and stop lying and gossiping.

-And there's this lady named Penny, who claims Teresa knew Melissa was going to get set up at the Porshe fashion show last season. Naturally, this starts a big she said / she said battle, which escalates to a whole new level. The season finale culminated in a crazy big ole fight (no surprises here...) involving Penny's social media harasser husband, Johnny "The Greek." No, we didn't make that up...

-Who knows if the trust will rebuild between this family in Season 6? And with serious stuff looming (ahem -- court cases) we all know how important it would for Teresa and Juicy Joe to have support from the Gorgas...

Ready for the next round? In anticipation of a new chapter in the Jersey saga, we leave you with this:

Viva Franklin Lakes!

Photo courtesy Patrick Harbron/Bravo
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